Toscana Spazio

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The Company

AEROSPAZIO Tecnologie s.r.l. was set up in March 2000 with the aim of providing high qualified test services in the fields of Electric Propulsion, thermovacuum and space simulation.
To this aim, a first Large Vacuum Test Facility specifically designed for Electric Propulsion testing was built together with its associate diagnostics and services.
Recently the founder combined innovative entrepreneurial skills with extensive experience in Electric Propulsion and associated Power-Supply to design and manufacture state of the art High-Voltage DC/DC Converters for Space, Military and High Reliability applications.
The commercial initiative is fully based on funding obtained by private and institutional investors uner typical project financing schemes.

Our know-how

• Electric rocket propulsion.
• Plasma wind tunnel for aerothermodynamics.
• Electromagnetic compatibility.
• Space simulation.
• Development of cryogenic test facilities.
• High-Voltage DC/DC Converters and High-Voltage systems.
• Low outgassing and High-reliability materials and processes.

The available facilities

The AEROSPAZIO operational facilities cover 4.500 cu.m. laboratories and offices. Two large Vacuum Test Facility specifically designed for space propulsion testing is available. The first (VTF-1) with an internal volume of 120 cu.m., allow high fidelity testing of electric thrusters of power level well above 10kW as well as high vacuum testing of large systems (as the overall spacecraft). The second (VTF-2) is 12.5 m long and has a diameter of 3.8 m for a total volume of 140 cu.m.

Our typical services

• Research and development on electric space propulsion
• Performance and lifetime testing of electric space thrusters
• EMI/EMC analysis of in-vacuum operated systems
• Thermal-vacuum