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The EMI/EMC test facility

One of the main emphasis for the acceptance of new EP systems on a telecommunication S/C is placed on the Electromagnetic compatibility between the EP system and the S/C on-board radioelectronic systems. Electric thrusters are devices that accelerate ionized particles in order to produce thrust. Due to the physical nature of the electrodynamic propulsion process, which produce intrinsic plasma oscillations and instabilities, EP systems generate electromagnetic emissions which can seriously interfere with the operation of S/C on-board equipment.

Therefore, following accepted standards (MIL-STD 461, MIL-STD 462, ) a comprehensive set of test activity need to be performed in order to characterise the EMI/EMC of each EP system. Additional specific test are often required by the final user in order to integrate the EP with one specific payload or satellite configuartion. AEROSPAZIO own the required know-how in order to perform accurate EMI/EMC campaign on EP systems.

The EMI/EMC test facility parameters:

The Chamber of electromagnetic compatibility - external view